Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rules For Parents To Protect Their Kids

Never leave a child unattended in public, including in a parked car. -When you enroll a child in a day care center or school, make sure the policy is not to release children to anyone but their parents. Ask the school to call you whenever your child is absent. - Know your child's friends and their parents. Be involved in your child's activities. - Pay attention when your child tells you he or she does not want to be with someone; ask why not. Be sensitive to changes in your child's behavior or attitudes. - Observe when an adult lavishes a great deal of attention on your child; find out why. - Devise a plan so your child knows what to do if you become separated while away from home. - Having several up-to-date photos of the entire family around the house or in your wallet or purse can come in handy if instant identifications needed.

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