Thursday, March 12, 2009

Take A Nap

Napping is a simple, effective way to relax. It will refresh you, helping you stay alert during the rest of the day. -Don't fight it. The midday drowsiness that used to be attributed to digesting lunch is now recognized as a natural part of our body's rhythms. -You'll find that a short after noon nap is especially restful. Naps taken in the morning are usually lighter sleep. Naps taken in the early evening , on the other hand, will probably only cause you to postpone your regular bedtime. - Sleeping isn't necessary for a good nap. Merely lying down and resting can be just as restorative, and might be easier if you work in a busy place. -A good nap need only be 15 to 20 minutes long. Make sure you keep your nap to under an hour. Longer naps will leave you groggy. - Napping isn't for everyone. People who have trouble getting to sleep at night will find that napping worsens the problem. Others will find it hard to wake completely from a midday nap.

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